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Peace, Love and Justice

Today was good. People in Milton participated in a solidarity march that brought thousands of us together. I was there to photograph the march, but I experienced it as a Miltonian, too.

There were people present who did not appreciate the gathering nor the sentiments expressed, but they were few.

The police were respectful and quiet and supported the event without incident.

In general people wore masks and gloves, taking care to move simultaneously but remaining separated in their respective groups. There were exceptions to this, of course, as there have been since the beginning of the pandemic. Personally, I believe that now is THE time to speak up and speak out. Despite the pandemic, because of the pandemic. When a society faces profound adversity, its weaknesses are exposed. Systemic racism is a weakness that has had immeasurable global historical consequences and we cannot look away from these consequences any longer.

George Floyd couldn't look away.

We owe it to his memory, his family, and to the memories of all those lost to hate, systemic discrimination, and the most brazen abuses of power.

Our systems are broken; they hurt and marginalize our fellow human beings. This is a public health crisis like no other. It's time that we come together, as Miltonians did today, as people have been around the world--now, in solidarity, in peace, and with all of our humanity binding us together.

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